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NSGS Writers' Groups

Join a Writers' Group!  All are welcome! 

See meeting dates and times below.

Members can automatically receive notices by modifying the "group participation" setting in their profile. Otherwise, if you would like to join the meeting, contact the following:

Morning Writers' Group

Meets at 10am on the 3rd Monday of the month

contact: Tina Johnston

Afternoon Writers' Group

Meets at 1pm on the 2nd Monday of the month

contact: Terry Jackson

Evening Writers' Group

Meets at 7pm on the Monday following the General Meeting

contact: Bill Nemmer


Benefits of Writing about Ancestors and Family

  1. Go beyond collecting records and entering names and dates on a chart

  2. Share with others who are not necessarily interested in genealogy charts

  3. Flesh out a life story or event

  4. Preserve family stories and histories for future generations

  5. Utilize your research to tell a story


  1. Writing sometimes exposes gaps and inconsistencies in the data from records

  2. Writing leads you to do additional research to fill in gaps of missing information

Benefits of being in a Writers' Group

  1. Receive constructive critique and suggestions for improving your stories

  2. Learn from the approach and topics that others write about

  3. Be inspired by what you hear from others

  4. Motivation for putting pen to paper (or keying in a document) on a regular basis

  5. There is no expectation that a member write something every month

Types of writing that are shared in a Writers' Group

  1. Describe the life and family of an ancestor

  2. Write a story about the times and experiences that an ancestor was a part of

  3. Write about personal experiences or events

  4. Write about HOW you discovered information about an ancestor

  5. Write about the types of documentation and sources that were found

  6. Write about Grandma's recipes

  7. Write about careers and occupations

  8. Write about your childhood community

There are NO expectations or limits on topics or approaches

What our Writers Say

Anne Menard: "Writers' Group helps me to get stories on paper that have been passed down through the family and to research the context of those stories. The group has given me opportunities to research such things as my father's role in the Federal Writers' Project and my great-grandfather's role in the Civil War, based on the letters he sent back to Ohio from 1861-1865. I have also self-published a book of my father's poetry."

Terry Jackson: "A benefit of writing stories is that it requires revisiting sources for information and searching for new records to fill in the gaps."

Cary Stone-Greenstein: "I especially like assuring potential writers that there are no right or wrong topics, but only what appeals to them."

View stories and articles written by NSGS Members to see examples of story topics and approaches.

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